Hitting the Road!

Sometimes life walks up to you and says, “Hey person! How ’bout doing something totally crazy?!” And sometimes you’re feeling more adulty and you’re like, “Nah, it’s cool. I’m good…” , but sometimes you nearly dislocate your shoulder as you grab onto the side of the train and yell, “Weeee! I have no idea where this thing’s going, but let’s find oouuut!!!” Let’s just say the Quinn’s have packed their hobo bags…

Brett Quinn has been fixing windshields in Fort Collins, CO for six years.  He’s learned a lot, met tons of people (yes, I’m sure literally), and had a great time! He would say that the relationships he’s built through work and networking, friendships, and volunteering are by far the gleaming rainbowy highlights of his Colorado experience.  His love for people, passion and enthusiasm for what he does, and quality and integrity of his social vision are what keep him keeping on.

Brett’s last year in Colorado was met with a lot of change to say the least (saying nothing really).  Meeting the love of his life (Sarah), getting married (YAY!!!), and taking on the role of a father to two kids (Awww…) were the big fish of his year.  He had an opportunity to buy the auto glass business he worked for, and he and his new family were about to settle into another year of domestic Americana in Fort Collins, but the sweet scent of more adventure was thick on the wind!

Never too enamored with the mundane, Brett & Sarah schemed a juicy plan to combine all their desires into one big tasty cake which they would also be able to eat! They wanted to own a family business. They wanted to travel. They wanted to spend more play time together as a family.  So they started this family business, began traveling, and prioritized play! Yep, just like that. Was that too concise? It’s what happened, so…

Brett, Sarah, Ez, and Ariel are embarking on a year long (or whatever we’re not sure) US tour as The Roving Quinns and Quinn Auto Glass.  They’ll be repairing windshields but mostly hiking, biking, rollerblading, swimming, paddle boarding, kayaking, fishing, campfiring, stargazing, philosophizing, laughing, eating, socializing, drinking, and a slew of other ings like roving, definitely roving…

We love you all, thank you for your support and for the endless inspiration we get from all you people persons. You’re valuable beyond words, and we can’t wait to meet more of you. See you on the road!!!!!!





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