Repair vs. Replace: What’s the best option for me?

Many damaged windshields can be repaired rather than replaced, retaining the original factory bond and saving from unnecessary time and expense. Most insurance providers will waive your deductible for a rock chip or crack that can be covered by a dollar bill, as long as you carry comprehensive insurance. Also terrific news, utilizing this does not directly affect your rates! They prefer paying for a repair than a new windshield, since many offer little to no deductible on glass replacement as well! If you need advice on whether glass coverage would be advantageous considering your history of expenses, I will be happy to help with an honest opinion.

I Know, it’s Aggravating!

Just the sound of breaking glass alone is enough to jolt one into a fight or flight response. Then the realization sets in and you balk, being thankful you’re in no immediate danger because the quality windscreen protected you from a rock, yet worrying over the costs involved in fixing this eyesore. My promise- to make a stressful situation as painless as possible and get you back on the road safely! I will take the time to explore your best options for repair (many insurance policies will pay for this) and replacement of auto glass. Even better, I travel to you! That way you can go about your day with little to no interference!